4L | Lovely Ladies Loving Life
Positive Women Doing Positive Things. 4L believes in the 3E's -Enrich-Empower-Elevate.This group is for beautiful women inside and out who want to network, socialize, or just have some fun experiencing new things. Why not increase your network of positive friends and cross paths with us! You never know who you can learn from, or simply have a good laugh with at the next Girls Night Out!
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We aim to cultivate friendships through exciting events to make life fuller, more meaningful, and more rewarding.

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We are a network of beautiful, diverse and passionate women who support each other to reach their full potential professionally, personally and spiritually.


We aim to elevate the status and consciousness of all women, together.

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Our Mission

Lovely Ladies Loving Life is a diverse network of adventurous women who have created a community whereby we empower, encourage, and enrich one another in all of our endeavors.

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Every event makes me love this group more and more! Great group tonight!! So happy to be back seeing you all!
― Jerilyn

Network, Socialize, or Just Have Fun!


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Lovely Ladies Loving Life

Bringing together beautiful ladies with positive vibes and who love to spread our ‘womentum’ throughout the world!


Successful, educated ladies who strive for their goals.


Socially prominent in a positive way.


Ladies who appreciate the Arts, or are artists themselves.


Educated ladies who seek the wisdom of life.


Ladies who design, model, or market high-fashion clothing or who just love to shop.


Lovers of happy hours, brunches, wine parties, cooking classes, healthy eating, and more.


Ladies who love International and local travel.


Ladies who love to try new things.


Fitness and nutrition events, classes, and outings.